Beachside Healthcare Recruiting has always been a leader in Retained and Contingency search,.We now offer you a new service, Engaged Partner, that offers the professionalism of a true “search firm” with the budget control of a fixed cost.

Engaged Partner Search is for those who have six (6) or more positions to fill. Instead of the traditional contingency or retained search we charge a flat monthly fee for our services. The benefits for your organization are numerous and is the recommended service for organizations that have six (6) or more openings. We partner with Health Systems, Healthcare IT Companies, Revenue Cycle Management Companies, Revenue Cycle Service Companies, EHR/EMR Companies, Healthcare Consulting Firms, etc.


  • Dedicated Executive Recruiter who will provide you candidates that meet your requirements and a completed information packet on each candidate
  • We are metric driven and work with you to develop Key Performance Indicators that will hold us and your company accountable
  • Ability to produce qualified candidates in a very short time frame across disciplines and industries
  • We partner with leadership and other internal groups to function as one team
  • Greatly reduce recruiting expenses compared to standard contingency or retained search
  • Single source for recruiting partner
  • Saves you time and money
  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Flexibility


Examples:                                                                         Health System or Revenue Cycle Management Company

Traditional Fee
Regional Vice President, Professional Revenue Cycle
Director, Patient Access
Assistant Vice President, Coding
Corporate Vice President, Revenue Cycle
Total Cost of Tradition Fees

Beachside Monthly Engaged Partner Service Fee

Monthly Savings

Health IT/Software  or EHR/EMR Company

Traditional Fee
Vice President, Revenue Cycle Sales        
Director, Technical Services    
Assistant Vice President, Product Management  
Director, Implementations  
Total Cost of Tradition Fees    

Beachside Monthly Service Fee     


Engaged Partner